Phil Lesh & Friends
Wed. 8-1-12
Grate Room, Terrapin Crossroads
San Rafael, CA

“Jerry Day” – Tribute to Jerry Garcia on what would have been his 70th Birthday

One Set 8:55pm – 11:30pm

Phil speaks: Opening remarks about Jerry

I Know You Rider (all)
Viola Lee Blues > (all)
Deal (mk)
Dire Wolf (gl)
Jack-A-Roe (rj)
Cold Rain and Snow (bl)
Sugaree (jg)
Loser (mk)
The Wheel > (all)
Eyes of the World (pl)
So Many Roads (jg)
Liberty (gl)
Happy Birthday (all)

Sunshine Garcia Becker, Mike Gordon, & others passing out cupcakes.

E: Donor Rap, words from Phil Lesh
E1: Black Muddy River (pl, gl, bl)
E2: Box of Rain (pl)

Phil Lesh
John Molo
Jackie Greene
Mark Karan
Grahame Lesh
Brian Lesh
Ross James

set list by Rob Scalcione