Snap Jackson & the Knock on Wood Players
GPAC Theater
Sacramento, CA

Snap Jackson-Vocals, Banjo, Ukulele
Shane Kalbach-Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin
Eric Antrim- Vocals, Guitar
Brian Clark- Vocals, Bass

Set list (loosely followed)

Set 1

Banjo Line
Georgia Buck
Lonesome Without You
Squeaky Wheel
Minglewood Blues
A Thousand Words
Just My Imagination
Long Neck Bottle

Set 2

Old Dangerfield
Knock On Wood
I’m Comin’ Back
Minor Setback
Ballad of John Henry
Mountain Girls
Senate House
Rollin’ in my Sweet Baby’s Arms
Think of What You’ve Done
Back Up & Push
Big Country

Some songs omitted, others played.

Friend of the Devil was in there…


The Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy opened up their GPAC  Theater for a night of bluegrass.

The band is launching its second album “Kaleidoscope” soon and getting ready for some of the Bluegrass Festivals this summer.

The band played mostly originals from their first album “A Breath of Fresh Air” plus “Kaleidoscope” for the intimate theater crowd, with just a few covers of some of the masters to show their roots.

Snap & Shane have known each other since high school so they have their jokes and teasing down well and easily get the crowd into their jokes and fun. I saw plenty of smiles onstage and off to add to some serious playing and song writing and changing material.

The set list changes around with the lyrics and in “Friend of the Devil” He steals Brian’s underwear with that $20. “Just My Imagination” started out with jokes from the stage and crowd before turning into a nice vocal and instrumental tribute to the Temptations.

I heard them cover “Squeaky Wheel” by Tim Bluhm a few years ago, before I knew who he or the Mother Hips were.“Senate House” is a fast new tune about the assassination of Julius Caesar by Shane Kalbach.

Brian Clark plays aggressive standup bass to give the percussive slap that adds that drum back beat to some of their songs. Yeah, bluegrass is different nowadays. It’s both traditional and new. Snap and the boys add their spin too!

Snap Jackson and the Knock On Wood Players on Facebook .

Get their first record:
A Breath of Fresh Air

Catch them live:
Grass Valley  6/14-17
Susanville 6/22-24
Romp 6/28-30 (Kentucky)
Thomas Point Beach 9/1-2 (Maine)

Some of our ticket money went to support the young students at the Sac Prep Music Academy so they can become awesome young musicians for the next generation!