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Yes, as many of you may have guessed, DHL was just kidding yesterday with this story: Sold In420million Media Takeover

Truthfully… the deal was closer to 500 Million and it was Universal, not Fox.  😀

Yesterday marked the 3rd anniversary of DeadHeadLand as an online music publication.   That is no Joke.   DeadHeadLand began in the early 90’s in the Wiltern Theatre parking lot, during a Jerry Garcia run.   Jerry played a couple shows, took a day off, then came back to play three more.  Someone told us they ran into Jerry (pushing a baby carriage!) at Disneyland on the day off… we believed the story, I mean Jerry had a little one at the time, and what do you do with a day off while visiting the L.A. area?  Take the kid to Disneyland!  We laughed and joked about it, and the Deadheadland concept was born…  over the years it evolved, and Happycat’s online activities increased… The domain was  registered in the late 90’s… at one point I lost the registration, and a broker firm snagged it and tried to sell it back to me for, get this, $420!  That’s for real/  I opted not to buy it. and a year later, they let it go and I registered it!   I played with a variety of formats, and in 2007 and 2008 I was actively sending show updates to my friends via text and email.   Eventually the ideas merged, and I invented Twitter and Facebook… ok, I didn’t invent them, but I did figure out how to use these services, and the rest, shall we say, is history… in the making!’

On April1 2009, I had the idea to do a prank, and I used the Deadheadland domain for the prank, so my first post in the current format was thus:  The Dead Try Out For American Idol
With this follow up:  The Truth About The Dead on American Idol

In Early April 2009, a few days before The Dead began their Spring Tour I woke up with an obsessed fever… didn’t know what I was going for, but I had to go for it for sure… I started building more on to the Deadheadland theme park, and the site became a place I could track the tour, and post setlists, pictures, etc.. The Dead April 12 2009 and the following posts included setlists, pictures, links, and sometimes a PHAKECAST (not the show streamed, but incredible stimulations recreating the setlists from found youtube videos).   I continued following that tour, and setlisting everything IN REAL TIME on Twitter and Facebook – and at the shows that I personally went too, I included live pictures and shot some videos too.

I continued, tracking The Dead, including their last show at the Rothbury Festival,  some RatDog, even a little DSO, Phish and Springsteen at Bonaroo, and more!

Then in September 2009, Furthur debuted… and DHL has tracked every Furthur Show ever since.

In 2010, I had a great April Fool’s prank planned, though it never saw the light of publication…. so one day, I’ll launch that joke!

In 2011, I had another prank, The Cast of Glee to do the songs of Hunter and Garcia <- this one worked so well, it convinced the Glee fans!

Anyway, thanks for playing, and now the real truth:  Setlisting while dancing? Who would believe that!  LOL – if you’ve ever been to a show near me, sometimes I am juggling two smart phones and a camera, uploading pictures, shooting a video, texting the setlist, and dancing and singing a long.  I could use another arm sometimes!  But I am loving it, this is so fun for me, I am very tuned into the music, and I love to share it with all the other people who follow along, and can;t be at every show, though we all wish we were…

Deadheadland –  it takes all I got, juts to stay on the beat! 

There are many new rides being built… we ain’t even begun!

Thanks for coming along and enjoying the rides! If you love what DHL is and does, maybe consider a contribution to help support DHL’s work and research?

Whether you contribute or not…. SO GLAD YOU MADE IT!

— happycat  >^.^
April 2, 2012

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