Of course, nothing around here will change…

As reported on MarkoVision Network:


Rupert Murdoch’s New Corporation (owners of Fox Broadcasting Company, and previous owners of MySpace.com) has reportedly offered 420 million to purchase DeadHeadLand.com – the hot Deadhead music news website and theme park.

Murdoch and Company have inked the checks to purchase DeadHeadLand (DHL) from its current owner, Olecranon-Intercostal Company (O.I.C.) for a record 420 million dollars. The acquisition of DHL includes all of it’s subdivisions and associated brands, including the lucrative Stealicon Brand of clothing and accessories, Brianz57 Varieties lot food concessions (burritos, grilled cheese, and felafel), and of course the DHL Theme Park, known for the rides, Dark Star Tours, Fire on the Matterhorn, Drumz and Space Mountain, and of course the much beloved audioanimgasmic experience “Great Moments With Mr. Garcia”.   MarkoVison Network will not be part of the sale, and O.I.C. will remain in full control and ownership of that property, though insiders do suspect a larger distribution of the quirky and lovable MarkoVision Film catalog to result from the deal.

When the deal goes down, Brian “Happycat” MarkoVision (HC), Publisher, Editor and Corpus Head of DHL, chief cook and bottle-washer, and primary shareholder in O.I.C., stands to make a healthy estimated profit. In the eyes of the world, DHL may not have been much more than an infrared rose colored blip on the media radar… so far.  But just like NewsCorp’s successful MySpace acquisition a few years ago, the intent is to profit from exploitation of this new media outlet… HC and DHL have a large loyal fanbase, with over 19,150 Facebook followers, the music news blog DeadHeadLand.com, and several popular twitter feeds, including @deadheadand (5237 followers) and @deadheads (7261 followers).

More or less a one man operation, HC has personally guided DHL into being the go to source for news and information for Deadheads and other lovers of the jamband and music festival scene.  When asked about his willingness to accept the offer, HC said, “I’ve been watching each card I play, and playing it slow, just waiting for a deal to come ’round… but I have seen my future, I mean just look what’s in my hand.  The idea of the buyout washed over me, like a wave upon the sand… When it’s done and over, it’s about playing, playing in the band.”  HC will also be kept on as Editor in Chief in order to maintain the quality content he personally has overseen over the last 20+ years of building the DHL brands reputation.

Focusing on facts over rumor, passionate, accurate setlist tweeting while still dancing, respect for creative artists and musicians, and gratefully keeping love in the dream, DHL has acquired a large and loyal following amongst fans of the Grateful Dead music, and the jam band music festival culture.

Media speculators are calling for a full blow up of DHL into a mainstream news outlet.  Is a full time 24 hour DHL TV cable music and news network in the works? Will Ann Coulter be hosting a new show on DHL TV “The Republican Deadhead Hour”?  Should we expect a chain of DHL Theme Parks nationwide?  A Stealicon Boutique coming to  your local ten-strip mall? Wait until that deal comes ’round…

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