5.  Scarlet Begonias  and Peggy-O by Crispy Bikinis

Scarlet Begonias by Crispy BikinisMy initial reaction to seeing these… deeply felt gratitude. What can i say? I’m a sucker for young people who appreciate the Grateful Dead.  And the Deadication here is so obvious I can’t take my eyes away.  Grateful!  (~);D

Peggy-O by Crispy BikinisScarlet Begonias by Crispy Bikinis

These are licensed Grateful Dead swimwear of the HIGHEST quality.  They also have suits dedicated to Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, Sublime, and The Rolling Stones. CrispyBikinis.com
NOTE: If you see these girls at a show, or anywhere, I’d love to thank them personally, please give them my number: 612-LOVE-DHL

Next, something for the guys…

4.  Steal Your Boxer shorts

OK, I know the guys really felt left out on that one.  So here is a gift for the men.  Grateful Boxer Shorts!  These were a big hit last year.  Shake that bone! Dancing Bear BoxersSteal Your Face Boxer ShortsDancing Skeleton Boxer Shorts

OK, so I know it seems an imbalance, that I don’t have anyone modeling these.  Please send me an XL pair to
Deadheadland, PO BOX 1030 Alameda CA 94501 and I promise to wear them and take pictures.

Next up, something for the collector…

3.  Europe ’72 Box Set

For most Deadheads, this might be the sexiest picture yet!

What Deadhead wouldn’t be thrilled with this absolutely awesome box set under their tree or next to their menorah? this ultra complete set in a collectors box sold out it’s limited run of 7200 copies (get it, 72?) at $420 each, in a matter of days, 9 months before it’s release!  Grateful Dead Merchandisng (i.e. Rhino Records) are not dumb, but they are honest. When they said limted to 7200, they kept their word. But… they have made the set, sans box, available.  Additionally, they have released a collection of some of the best tracks, ‘Europe ’72 Part 2, are releasing individual shows a few at a time.

Or, look for a “used” copy,  going for at least double the original price… and going to continue to rise in value for collectors.

Just want the music?  Here is the real cool deal… they made it all available for download, one song at a time for .99 cents a track!   Grateful Dead Europe 72 MP3 Downloads

In case you got two, once again, my address is Deadheadland PO Box 1030 Alameda CA 94501

2.  I Miss Jerry  sticker

OK.  So far, everything is pretty spendy, and maybe you are just not that materialistic.  And the true spirit of Grateful Dead and Christmas is not about money!   So here is a GRATE gift for under $3  (and no, it is not something you ingest).
I Miss Jerry Sticker
Classic I Miss Jerry sticker, as seen on tours east and west – Phil Lesh even has one on his bass.  Kind of says it all and guaranteed to bring a tear and a smile to any Deadhead that gets it.  And nothing is sexier than someone that loves Jerry!

Another grateful option… applies to 7 Walkers, Mickey Hart Band, and Furthur.  Jerry Would Love this Band Sticker

Of course these stickers are in my shop at www.stealicon.com – so any purchase made there are like a gift to me!
And..  I got a free “Honk If You Miss Jerry” sticker for you too!  One free in every order!
Or click here to just get a free one.

1.  New Years Tickets!Grateful Dead New Years Eve Ticket

Tickets are always the best gift for any Deadhead.  And a ticket  to New Years?
Nothing is better!

Furthur is playing at the Bill Graham Civic, December 29, 30 & 31st – and New years Eve itself is sold out!  Tickets still available for the other two nights.

East Coast:  7 Walkers is playing at The Silo in Reading PA, along with New Riders of the Purple Sage!

I will accept New Years Eve tickets as gifts!
I need for all three nights of Furthur,
or a 7 Walkers ticket that includes air transportation from Oakland.
Please send to my PO Box.  Or call me at 612.LOVE.DHL

And I need a date for New Years Eve too…
if you could introduce me to the Crispy Bikini girls, I would be so very GRATEFUL!

Hippy Holidaze!

>^.^<  happycat!


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