Mickey Hart - San Francisco Aug 2011 - Photot bny Monte Gullo for Deadheadland

Mickey Hart Band Winter Tour Begins tonight at Yoshi’s Oakland

This is really a spectacular new  band.  A few people got to sample them at the end of last summer, when they played about 6 shows.

Mickey has had the band in the studio. They’ve been recording and working out the jams, and are already to bring us Mickey’s cosmic sonifications. Expect a CD sometime near Spring.

The band includes a very special bass player, non other than Dave Schools from Widespread Panic.  Dave sat in with Mickey back in May at the Seva Benefit, and on will be holding down the bottom on this tour.  The Band also includes Crystal Monee Hall,  Tim Hockenberry, Gawain Matthews, Sikiru Apedoju, Ian “INKX” Herman, and Ben Yonas.  Read more about the band here.

Mickey’s band will play a great mix of Classic Grateful Dead – but done in a new way! Along with some spectacular new songs, and some classics from Mickey hart’s own immense catalog of music, past incarnations of the Mickey Hart band, Planet Drum, Rhythm Devils, Mystery Box, etc. Going all the way back to his, and our roots, and bringing IT home here and now, in the way only Mickey Hart can.   To that thin line beyond which, we really can’t fake….

I did an interview with Mickey last summer, please read it here.

Audio: Mickey Hart Band Live at Hoxeyville 8.21.11

Video: Mickey Hart Band, “Let There Be Light”  – lyrics by Robert Hunter…

Mickey Hart - Napa Valley Opera House Aug. 2011 photo by Steve OakmanMickey Hart - San Francisco Aug 2011 - Photot bny Monte Gullo for DeadheadlandTim Hockenberry and Crystal Monee Hall from the Mickey Hart band, Photo by Monte Gullo for Deadheadland