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Julie Postel at the Grateful Dead Archive at UC Santa Cruz - Stanley Mouse art in backgroundThis was a special fundraiser for the Grateful Dead Archive

Pictures and notes are courtesey of longtime Deadheadland friend and supporter, Julie Postel:

Nicholas Meriwether has outdone himself in his role heading up the Grateful Dead Archive as part of the Special Collections of the University of California at Grateful Cupcakes and Tie-Dye cookies at the Grateful Dead Archive preview eventSanta Cruz.  He put together a hardbound book for each guest and with the generosity of Roger McNammee, organized a special poster for this fund raising event designed by Stanley Mouse which also became the cover of the book for this event titled “Attics of Our Lives”.

My husband Rus and I were thrilled to be a part of such a great evening which included music by a 4-piece band made up of musicians from Slugs and Roses and China Cat.

We were treated to a preview of the Grateful Dead Archive exhibit which will open to the public in April and we were surrounded by those who have supported the Grateful Dead and their music from the beginning.

A highlight for me was listening to Dennis McNally tell Marc Pincus and his wife about the evening when he called Vince Welnick to ask him to call Jerry and tell him that he was nervous about their upcoming singing of the national anthem for the Giants – Vince convinced Jerry that he needed to rehearse and so they did and their rendering of the national anthem turned out to the best ever and people say that version of the anthem spurred the Giants into a winning streak!

Rock Scully, Allan Trist, and Stanley Mouse were among the notables in attendance and it was a great evening for Barry Barnes who has just published the finest book on the Grateful Dead business model (“Everything I Know About Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead: The Ten Most Innovative Lessons from a Long, Strange Trip“) and his work, too, was honoured in the preview exhibit.

Julie PostelBarry Barnes, author of Everything I Know In Bus. I learned from the Grateful Dead" - Marc Pincus of Rhino holding the book, and Rock Scully too!

former Grateful Dead publiscist and author Dennis McNally sharing stories with Mark Pincus of Rhino Records

Checking out the exhibits at the Grateful Dead Archive preview event

Checking out the exhibits at the Grateful Dead Archive preview event