7 Walkers guitar god Papa Mali dropped some pretty big hints on Facebook:

Very special guest confirmed for 7 Walkers at Great American this Sunday 10/30/11. Here’s a clue: Ace guitarist/singer. Rides the bus. Don’t miss!

This was followed by similar postings to his Facebook page, and via the official @7_Walkers twitter.  Papa don’t lie!

And then today, 7 Walkers multi-instrumentalist keyboard whiz Matt Hubbard added Mickey Hart’s name to the mix.

Of course 7 Walkers feature’s Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann – and this will be the firs time Billy had been joined on stage by Bob and Mickey since The Dead’s last (and so far final) performance on July 4, 2009 in Rothbury Michigan.

Since that time, they have all gone their own ways, Billy touring with 7 Walkers and Rhythm Devils, Mickey touring with Billy in Rhythm Devils in 2010, and now actively pursuing his own Mickey Hart Band, recording (expect a CD inj Feb.) and touring quite a bit starting in late November.

Bob Weir has been busy with a host of projects, conducting Symphonies, and of course touring extensively with Furthur, his band he formed with Phil Lesh in September 2009. (By the way Bob, when you gonna reschedule those acoustic shows back east?)

So this is one historic night in San Francisco deadheads won’t want to miss… 7 Walkers with special guests, and the secret is out, the guests are Bob Weir and Mickey Hart

7 Walkers are concluding their current Fall tour with two shows in the Grateful Dead home town of San Francisco – Sunday October 30th, and Monday October 31st (Halloween) at the Great American Music Hall.  Tickets for both nights are still available, though Sunday is expected to sell quickly with news of these guests!