Overall, the Broomfield Furthur run was outstanding, powerfully humbling, and beautiful. There is not one bad seat at Broomfield – such a wonderfully easy and quaint venue to dance and shake your bones.

The first night first set lights in Roses were amazing and Black Throated Wind commanded my excitement.  The full Weather Report Suite absolutely exploded with energy flowing seamlessly into Mountain Song.  It should be noted that Russo is the heart of gold band!  China Doll sent affectionate vibes throughout the arena and a super kind Liberty was an unusual, but good closer which left me reeling with what could come up in the next two shows.

Second night first set was super mellow with lots of smiles for Crazy Fingers, but it was Dark Hollow that let surprise in from the Cold Rain and Snow.  John teased Bobby as they all jammed in Seven Hills.

Second set was tasty mixing the perfect blend of love and light with straight up heel diggin’ feel good blues like Viola>Birdsong>The Other One.  The Terrapin came out smooth and relentless only to slip right into Death, which is a personal favorite of mine.  While taking the only break from my spot on the floor, I called Attics for closer, and it was nice.

Sunday’s show to me was the best of the run.  Chimenti was on fire with his signature jam in Sugaree.  CC Rider was amazing and the flow of the first set was exhilarating – bringing out Bertha was icing on the cake.

For the second set, Phil just shined in Colors of the Rain.  The connection on stage made me realize again how much I love Furthur and confirmed my necessity to be gratefully humbled.  Scarlet>Fire>Estimated>Eyes was unbelievable!  And what an appropriate time and way to close with Revolution>Satisfaction.

Some people talk about how Bobby or Phil slip up and it is my opinion that is to be expected and I love them for all of their imperfections as well as their ability to blow my mind, bring a constant smile and even a tear or two from time to time.

Seemed like the lot was getting a “lot” of arrests, but what can you expect when a Broomfield police van is parked on a corner with a video camera extended from the top of the vehicle about 15 feet pointed at Shakedown.  Some rise, some fall.

Thanking you Furthur for a renewal of my soul and warmth in my heart – Not Fade Away!! (~):}

Jerri Shay