Here is an amazing rare clip…. though it’s existence suggest that the whole show is available on video somewhere…

There were only two shows by The Valentines, this clip is from Japan, 8.27.1994
The Valentines – Japan – August 27, 1994
Greatest Story Ever Told
Queen Jane Approximately
Little Red Rooster
Playing In the Band
Baba O’Riley  >
Tomorrow Never Knows
All Along the Watchtower
Turn On Your Love Light
One More Saturday Night

Bob Weir (guitar, vocals)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Vince Welnick (keyboards, vocals)
Bobby Vega (bass)
Prairie Prince (drums)
Ray Woodbury (background vocals “One More Saturday Night”)
Bill Murray (background vocals “One More Saturday Night”)
Here is another song from that show:

2-02 Queen Jane Approximately by HKaiser2-02 Queen Jane Approximately by HKaiser (thanks Henry, for making this available!)

I would love to see/hear the rest of this show.  Bill Murray singing background on OMSN in Japan?!?  That needs to be seen, or it might be lost in translation!
UPDATE: One More Saturday Night w Bill Murray has been found!

Then, they played another show, appropriately on Valentines Day 1995.   This was a heart-breakingly sweet double set, and one I especially appreciated hearing… I was beginning the process of divorce, and the show came at a perfect time for me.  I had this one on cassette and listened religiously for years!   It included the (at that time) rare “Cream Puff War”, as well as “It’s a Man’s World” and “Ain’t That Peculiar” in the first set… The kicker for me was the 2nd set closer,  “It’s All Too Much” – Vince always did a great  job on The Beatles, and this one found it’s way into the Grateful Dead’s Spring 1995 songbook, as did the Al Greene hit “Take To The River”.  Well both songs meant a lot to me, especially with my marriage dissolving – and the personal profundity of IATM gave me chills.  A year earlier, during a molecularly enhanced Valentine outing with my not yet-ex, she sang that song on the beach to me, and we made a “psychic” request that the Dead, or Jerry band, put it into their repertoire… and then they did.  Ain’t THAT peculiar? Thank you Vince! And Bobby, Bobby, Prairie, Henry, and all the other, Valentines!

The Valentines – The Fillmore – February 14, 1995image

Set 1:
Love’s Made A Fool Of You
Greatest Story Ever Told
Queen Jane Approximately
It’s A Man’s World
Ain’t That Peculiar
Cream Puff War

Set 2:
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Playing In The Band
Playing With Fire >  Spoonful  > Playing With Fire
Take Me To The River
It’s All Too Much

Bob Weir (guitar, vocals)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Vince Welnick (keyboards, vocals)
Bobby Vega (Bass)
Prairie Prince (drums)
Danny Carnahan (background vocals)
Robin Petrie (background vocals)

Here is a link  to download this particular show!
Bobby and The Valentines 2.14.1995 The Fillmore  <— Updated Link!  now on – Charlie Miller transfer!

and while this is not a “video” of the show, here is the “Take Me To The River” on YouTube:


thanks to Henry Kaiser Collection for details on the setlists and the Queen Jane clip!
And also Grateful to to Welcome to Now for the download link.