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Jeff S. on our facebook pager put this list together.  these are all songs Furthur has done at least once.   A few of these have been played during Fall Tour Pt. 1 (Eugene > Red Rocks), but not on Fall Tour Pt. 2 (Minnesota > NY).

John Kadlecik - Furthur - ©2010 Gabriel Jones Photography
Do you think any of  these will be broken out at Madison Square Garden on 11/20 + 11/21?

They could do two full shows of songs they haven’t played in the last 9! There has been some repetition in the last 9 shows, no one is complaining about anything – all reports is that everything soared – but maybe, just maybe, mix it up even more? Someone talk to Jill!

Bob Weir - Furthur - ©2010 Gabriel Jones Photography
And… if you were to create a fantasy setlist out of these songs, what would it be?

Death Don’t Have No Mercy
Reuben and Cerise
After Midnight
Brokedown Palace
I Need a Miracle
Cryptical Envelopment
No More Do I
Peaceful Valley
Tennessee Jed
Till the Morning Comes
Dupree’s Diamond Blues
It Must Have Been the Roses
Just a Little Light
On the Road Again
They Love Each Other
Two Djinn
Ashes and Glass
Deep Elem Blues
West L.A. Fadeaway
Picasso Moon
Big Railroad Blues
Easy Wind
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
High Time
Memphis Blues
Ship of Fools
Strawberry Fields
Beat It on Down the Line
Built to Last
Lazy River Road
Queen Jane Approximately
Row Jimmy
The Race is On
Wang Dang Doodle
Gimme Some Lovin
The Weight
Tons of Steel