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Sovereign Center
Reading Pennsylvania,
November 16, 2010

Set 1(China Cat)  on Twitpic

Big River
Sittin’ On Top Of The World
High On A Mountain >
Greatest Story Ever Told
China Cat Sunflower >
Come Together

(Bertha) #furthur on Twitpicset break
 (PITB) #furthur on Twitpic(UJB)  #furthur on Twitpic

Set 2:
Playin’ in The Band >
Colors of the Rain >(Come Together) on Twitpic
The Wheel >
Uncle John’s Band >
Let It Grow >During "Wharf Rat" Sovereign Center - Reading, PA 2... on Twitpic
Wharf Rat >
Help On The Way >
Slipknot! >
Born Cross-Eyed >
Franklin’s Tower

E: Johnny B. Goode

Set 1 Phakecast (tonight is all Furthur if we can!)

Set 2 Phakecast

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