I see Jerry Garcia - Do You? Jerry face in the clouds


I saw it plainly, and of course thought it might be my imagination.  But it was there in the sky very persistent.    I saw it for a good hour, and it barely changed.   I tried to grab a few pictures of it, and even got a few seconds of video.  If i was Christian I might have seen it as Jesus; in fact I was in a  fairly religious area (south of Mesquite Nevada)   so I half expect someone of that faith saw this miracle too, and interperted it their way.  I saw Jerry.  (~);}

FYI, I was sober and had had a good nights sleep and breakfast. 

Here is my video clip:

after  a bit, a jet flew through Jerry’s head, and left a trail… by this time Jerry had turned into a Dog faced boy…

Jerry got shot in the head, and turned into a dog... or Bob Weir, not sure...   

Or maybe he looks like a recent Bob Weir?  Bob Weir's Mustache

What do you think?  Is Jerry Dog?   Or Bob? 

Later on, while driving through South Las Vegas I saw Jerry’s Nugget. 

Jerry's Nugget, Las Vegas, NV Jerry's Nugget - Voodoo Cowboys