When Phil Lesh and Friends closed the Warfield (as we knew it) in May of 2008, and performed 8 Grateful Dead albums in their entirety, it was some of the sweetest shows I have ever seen.  In fact my biggest disappointment that week was that they left out a few albums.  I really wanted to hear Wake of The Flood, Blues for Allah, Terrapin Station, and Shakedown Street.

(OK, I admit it I wanted Shakedown Street – because I need to hear “France” live once before I die.  And I will still have to wait on that one… I do hope they do it one day when Donna can sit in! )

In that tradition…

 Furthur will be performing 6 albums at Furthur Festival, according to their new website at

Phil Lesh & Bob Weir will take the musical journey Furthur performing some of the Grateful Dead’s most beloved albums in their entirety, including a very special 40th Anniversary celebration of their classic recordings; Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty.

When Phil and friends played Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty on Friday may 16th, 2008 it was so freaking beautiful and sweeter than honey.  Listen to American Beauty from that night here.

Also included will be Aoxomoxoa, and Anthem of the Sun, both of which Phil included in May of 2008.  And… yeah!  We will get to hear a live Blues for Allah and Terrapin Station.  I am excited, because that includes “Terrapin Flyer” and “At A Siding”, which as far as I know, only Ratdog has performed live. 

Get the full scoop at the Furthur Festival  website.  Schedules are posted, and other announcements, like the fact we will get to hear Furthur  do a soundcheck set Friday night, suggestion of sitting in with the other bands and muscians (Hot Tuna, Jackie Greene, Mark Karan, Larry Campbell, Maiden Lane and more).

The only problem will be how to see it all…

See you there!  Tickets are still available!