image What is better than watching a full Grateful Dead concert on DVD in your home? Seeing a full Grateful Dead concert in a theater with a bunch of friends!

Grateful Dead Productions, Rhino and Emerging Pictures present

Grateful Dead: Crimson, White & Indigo

The Grateful Dead’s Historic 1989 JFK Stadium Performance

in  a limited theatrical release, being billed as a Sneak Peek , a handful of screenings in theaters across the US, beginning on the eve on April 13th.  A few screenings over the weekend and a few on Tuesday 4/20/2010 – which is also the release date of this deluxe DVD and 3 CD set.

I have a really awesome home theater.  5.1 sound, 7 foot high def projected image, and three recliners… really nice for DVD’s like this.  And I like to “do a show” at home.  Meaning, I pick a night to watch the DVD, and treat it like a show.  We start early, have a beer or something, get molecular (aye, Commander!) and watch the first set.  Take a short break, and watch set 2!  It’s fun, and there are moments when you can let go and “be there”.  I even have some limited dancing/twirling space in my apartment.  Last time i did this was with the “Closing of Winterland” DVD release.  So fun!

Still, doesn’t compare to seeing it with a few hundred people, and on a really big screen, and a biggeand better sound system.   I imagine all the theaters hosting this one meet the minimum requirements of being kick ass (big screen, killer sound).  As for dancing, depends on the theater I imagine…