Not much media has shown up from theBK3  Feburary run of show’s on Y‘Tube – though these few clips are very enjoyable!   Looks like it was a very fun night.  BK3 or Bill Kreutsmann Trio features Bill Kreutzmann on drums, Scott Murawski lead guitar and Oteil Burbridge on bass.

These clips are from a private party on  2/27 in Oakland.      Damn… Wish I knew more…   Does anyone have a full setlist from this night, or the previous nights in San Francisco (2/25)  and Santa Cruz (2/26)?
Any  Pictures?  Please share ‘em! *

Billy is doing some cool stuff musically, keeping it fresh!   Lots of different musicians to jam with. He did these BK3 gigs in Feb, then played  a few shows in March with  Chris Berry, Steve Kimock and Michael Kang   back on the islands.  Coming up this Spring is Seven Walkers  with Papa Mali , and new songs byRobert Hunter . 

And then come Summer… The Rhythm Devils  at GOTV !  Rumors say…  a fall Rhythm Devils tour? Hope so!

Phil and Bobby aren’t the only one’s taking things further.   Billy  and Mickey will drive it to another level soon!

*Deadheadland needs you: If anyone is at these shows, we need these setlists reported too!  BK3, Seven Walkers, Rhythm Devils, any random appearances at private parties.   Share in the groove!

Call or text the Deadheadland hotline: (AKA) FUR-THUR /(252)387-8487

or email if you’d like to share a setlist, pictures, or even do a write up of one of the shows.