Stealth reporting by Mary for DeadheadlandBob Weir sitting in with The Healer Trio at 2AM Club 3/20/2010Bob Weir and friends at 2AM Club 3/20/2010

Bob Weir at 2AM Club 3/20/2010

Bob Weir sat in with the Healers Trio at Club 2AM on Saturday night 3/20/2010

All Along The Watchtower

Me and My Uncle

Little Red Rooster

Hippie on the Lawn(?)

Knockin On Heavens Door

Friend of the Devil

Not Fade Away

the story is:  “the bar is changing owners, and is closing for a few months because of it. the owners steve & dirk threw a party last night & tonight… they have built a friendship with Bobby over the past 20 years.  he’s been in there watching sports every once in a while.  after the closing of the Sweetwater, the 2am club is the last bar in mill valley… heard that the bar will be in good hands, though. …this is the only video i have… not the greatest at keeping still… did my best! Bobby looked a bit concerned at times playing with the band, but they really did a great job no matter how intimidated they may have been. They managed to get a few smiles out of him… pretty sure he was having a good time too.”