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Pictures by IdolMakerJack

4:34:06 PM: Set 1

4:57:59 PM: Truckin’
5:10:32 PM: Dire Wolf
5:16:23 PM: Mama Tried
5:20:19 PM: Althea
5:31:46 PM: Brown Eyed Women
5:38:55 PM: Till the Morning Comes
5:44:54 PM: The Music Never Stopped
5:54:07 PM: Touch of Grey

6:04:51 PM: RT @mer1: Well that’s it for this set, see ya next set. (bobby)

6:48:07 PM: Set 2

6:48:18 PM: Uncle Johns Band
7:00:24 PM: Scarlet Begonias
7:07:32 PM: Fire on the Mountain
7:19:56 PM: Birdsong
7:33:48 PM: St. Stephen>  
7:44:34 PM: Born Cross-Eyed
7:52:16 PM: Eyes of the World
                               Morning Dew
8:20:31 PM: Playin’ in the Band

8:27:01 PM: E: Brokedown Palace

 corrections: first set was not Dancin but was Music Never Stopped. And no China Cat anywhere.
 thanks to Alex for updates the last two nights, and to Mike (and others) for getting it sorted out! (~);}