Not the actual show,

using the newest in PHAKECAST 4.20 technology we will attempt to bring you tonight’s FURTHUR concert via almost any device you can watch online video with!

Deadheadlands own net-jockeys will comb the matrix, glean the set list, and then recreate Furthur’s show in Amherst MA right before your very eyes….

NOT just a set list!

PHAKECAST 4.20 bends time, space, reality to bring you the show – via a carefully selected mix of YouTube videos – focusing on Furthur, but bringing others playing in the band into the mix!

Possible guests:

Jerry Garcia, Warren Haynes, Jackie Greene, Jimmy Herring, Steve Kimock, Barry Sless, Trey Anastasio, Craig Marshall, Stu Allen, Scott Murawski and more… we never know until it happens!

In many ways the PHAKECAST may be better than the actual concert….
NO W00KIES – unless you have your own. or are one…
NO NITROUS – unless you like it, and have your own…
NO SEARCH ON THE WAY IN!!! unless you… y’know!

and best of all… no ticket surcharges!
(Just send me face value, and I will get you a good seat!)

Viewing terminals will be placed on websites near you! Stay right where you are!

begins today at 4:20 PST!

just want the song names?

Note: this is not a “stream” from the show, this is a dynamic recreation of the setlist, in close to real time.  Guaranteed to be fun or your monkey’s back!