5:11:36 PM: Set 1

5:12:02 PM: Feels Like a Stranger


5:20:45 PM: Loose Lucy
5:27:49 PM: Must Have Been The Roses
5:31:46 PM: Deep Elem Blues
5:45:08 PM: Just a Little Light
5:47:54 PM: Money For Gasoline
5:54:29 PM: Loserimage
6:02:42 PM: Sugaree

6:22:04 PM: Setbreak 
7:11:21 PM: Set 2

 7:11:36 PM: Truckin’
7:24:26 PM: > Deal
7:30:38 PM: > Viola Lee Blues
7:47:16 PM: Nobody Girl
7:59:08 PM: Birdsong
8:08:53 PM: > Born Cross Eyed
8:17:14 PM: Scarlet Begonias
8:25:26 PM: > Fire on the Mountain
8:33:21 PM: Sugar Magnolia

8:49:46 PM: Donor Rap,image
                              E: The Weight

8:53:56 PM: First set thanks to Doon and the others over at DOG DOT ORG! And helloooo Phil Zone!!!
8:55:53 PM: 2nd set we all owe a Debt to Gregg of Deadheadland who came through with flying colors!!!
8:58:18 PM: Hey now to all the RT @stealicon @ripple1967 @gdpr @DarkStar94519 and all the other tweeps and peeps @deadheadland
9:00:18 PM: Weir Lesh Kadlecik Russo Lane Chimenti Becker Ellis. Going Furthur than any band has gone since 1995… and beyond!