Happy Valentines Day!!!  Here is a valentine from our friend D. Brenner Art & Design   



Showtime is 7:30 east coast, 4:30 west coast.  Click one of the Sirius links on this site to sign up for todays simulcast!
Setlist will be maintained here as always, and on our Facebook and MySpace and Twitter streams as well.  

Barton Hall at Cornell University, inside and outisde views from Bob Weir
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Way way back in barton. #furthur on TwitpicShare photos on twitter with Twitpic 

4:41:55 PM: Set 1 #furthur 

Midnight hour #furthur on Twitpic

Midnight Hour

4:42:15 PM: Midnight Hour
4:48:46 PM: > They Love Each Other
4:57:31 PM: Beat it on Down the Line
5:02:35 PM: Tennesse Jed 
5:14:01 PM: Peggy-O  




5:21:25 PM: Looks Like Rain 
5:32:02 PM: Sugaree 

6:46:09 PM: Set 2
6:47:21 PM: Uncle Johns Band
6:58:52 PM: > Peaceful Valley
7:08:31 PM: Ashes & Glass
7:17:48 PM: Unbroken Chain
7:33:08 PM: Morning Dew
7:46:08 PM: The Other One
7:54:30 PM: China Cat Sunflower >
7:58:53 PM: Standing on the Moon
8:09:49 PM: > I Know You Rider

8:21:49 PM: Donor Rap
8:23:03 PM: E: Samson and Delilah

8:34:45 PM: Grateful to Furthur and eveyrone at Sirius/XM (Ari and Gary!) and all the Deadheads of the world! See you in Bethlehem!