-Tyler Curtis
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Roger Deitz

                           It’s not everyday that you get to see a killer folk/celtic group open up for a exceptional country band. Well actually, it’s not everyday that I go

see a country band at all. Usually I see jamgrass musicians… Which is a mixture of bluegrass bands that jam, however, today was the exception, as me, my dad and brother headed to the Morristown Community Theater to see The Andy Goessling Trio, Roger Deitz, and Brian McArdle & Wry Toast.

To be honest, I was dying to see some live music, and I think this tended to my need for a little. I don’t care who’s playing, as long as I can have a good time, I am happy. However, I really did have fun at this Garden State Folk Festival, even though i was tied down to my seat.

Originally I was planning on going with just my dad, but then my 1st grade brother – Bobby, asked if he could come along, which is pretty awesome, because it shows the kid loves music just as much as we do. So we said, sure Bobby, you can tag along, it’s no problem, and he was psyked. We made our way to the Morristown Community Theater for the 2nd time in my life; first time was seeing Railroad Earth on 6/28/2008,  front row, center. (it was HEAVEN). We had walked in during the little intro act of Roger Deitz who was picking on the guitar, and banjo, playing some interesting folk/western vibed tunes. I was satisfied to say the least.

He put on a great few song show, and then introduced the group (well guy) I was their to see; Andy Goessling Trio. Andy Goessling(multi instrument), Sara Miconovich(fiddle), and Lyndsey Hoarner (bass)  came on and played a great set, some highlights include the Opener Irish Jig song:

Also, Young Wesley, a song David Bromberg does:


Andy’s band was tearing it up from the beginning, here’s a shot of them pickin away:Andy Goessling Trio

The last video I shot was a song Andy’s brother wrote, called Lonely Highway, this was a really smooth, and pleasant song, Andy’s vocals shined threw on this piece and I think that almost anyone who knew Andy would agree.

Some of the other Andy material he did was very non-Railroad Earthish which was certainly fine by me, and was rather intriguing to see him out of his jamband role, and into a celtic-folk environment, where I think it is also important to also show respect for him. The band he has playing with him, are also very talented, very talented in their own respects. Also in that set was a Dylan tune, a Keith Jarred song, and a 5 part song called Masons Art or something of the sort. I thought that Andy Goesslings band definitely delivered, and the crowd certainly enjoyed it as much as I did.