Confirmed via lesh_list:

Furthur is: Jay lane, Joe Russo, Jeff Chimenti, Zoe Ellis, Sunshine Becker, John Kadlecik, Bob Wier, Phil Lesh

Set 1
Alabama Getaway
Mama Tried
Pride of Cucomonga
Loose Lucy
Hell in a Bucket
Casey Jones

set 2
Feel’s Like a Stranger>
He’s Gone>
Unbroken Chain,
Magnolia Mountain>
Strawberry Fields>
Stella Blue
Not Fade Away

Donor Rap
E: Sugar Magnolia

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5:20:56 PM: Set 1
5:21:12 PM: Alabama Getaway
5:24:25 PM: Mama Tried
Pride of Cucamunga
Loose Lucy
5:26:24 PM: Loser
5:51:24 PM: Hell In A Bucket
6:24:39 PM: Casey Jones

– setbreak –

7:09:19 PM: Set 2
7:13:06 PM: Feels Like A Stranger
7:22:30 PM: He’s Gone >
7:23:17 PM: Bird Song
7:56:07 PM: >Unbroken Chain
7:57:14 PM: Magnolia Mountain
8:00:47 PM: Strawberry Fields Forever
8:25:53 PM: > Stella Blues
8:27:07 PM: Not Fade Away

8:37:58 PM: Donor Rap
E: Sugar Magnolia

9:01:41 PM: Thanks to Garret and @tourtweet and @thedeadblog and all the boys and girls in Deadheadland!

*9:02:50 PM: and on too – TylerTerrapin and Jammin’ John!

Sorry about the delays on tonights setlist – Deadheadland likes to be closer to real time – we had communication/technology  glitches (and also I had work distracting me).  DHL did have a head on the scene, though the messages were not always there, so we did double check with friendly sources* before posting.   Happy to hear from @tourtweet – always good color commentary on the play by play!

Also, should note, this blog is hosted on the West Coast,  hence the times.  Add three hours.