Setlist Final:
Soundcheck :
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Mason’s Children
Reuben and Cerise
Deep Elem Blues
Ashes and Glass
Ramble on Rose
start of King Solomon’s Marbles

Jam >
Born Cross Eyed >
Music Never Stopped >
Ramble On Rose >
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)>
Dear Mr Fantasy >
On The Road Again >
Franklin’s Tower

Set 2
Throwing Stones >
Viola Lee Blues >
Masons Children >
Viola Lee Blues
Good Lovin’
Lady with a Fan >
Terrapin Station
Shakedown Street
China Cat Sunflower >
I know you Rider

Donor Rap
E: Ripple

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FURTHUR = EPIC! on Twitpic4:26:29 PM: Set 1

Born Cross Eyed

4:32:30 PM: Music Never Stopped

4:42:08 PM: >Ramble On Rose

4:50:09 PM: The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion

4:58:01 PM: > Dear Mr. Fantasy

5:17:56 PM: >On The Road Again

5:28:12 PM: > Franklin’s Tower

5:28:51 PM: – set break –
#FURTHUR MIAMI set 2 on Twitpic
6:27:22 PM: Set 2

6:34:10 PM: Throwin’ Stones >

6:35:21 PM: Viola Lee Blues>

6:57:30 PM:  Mason’s Children >

6:59:38 PM:  Viola Lee Blues

7:00:03 PM:  Good Lovin’

7:06:11 PM: Lady with a Fan
7:21:07 PM: > Terrapin Station #fb

7:31:10 PM: > Shakedown Street #fb

7:36:14 PM: > China Cat Sunflower #fb

7:44:52 PM: > I Know You Rider #fb

7:52:44 PM: E: Ripple

8:07:12 PM: thanks @LizGD and @TylerCurtis and @adammoskowitz and The Phil Zone and and ALL OF YOU! #fb

8:08:19 PM: Bobby Phil John Joe Jay Jeff Zoe and Sunshine – thank you! #furthur