Set list from the Eugene show thanks to!

Jam > Jack Straw > Easy to Slip > Lazy River Road > Dark Star > It’s All Over Now > She Says > Liberty, Two Djinn, Me and My Uncle@, A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall@, Ashes and Glass > Stuff > Dear Prudence > Dark Star* > One More Saturday Night*
*-with Jackie Greene (Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals)

The Cuthbert is a beautiful amphitheatre, and I imagine it was a great crowd at the show.  If you were there and can remember, write something and we’ll post it here!  Send it to happycat @ [see responses below!]

And here is some video from that show!



Venue was, as always, terriffic! Very Mellow security scene, fun Parking Lot and Zane Kesey and the Furthur Bus parked right in front of the main Gate…. such is a hometown show for these folks!

The Sound system was DIALED in! Everything was crisp and clear, Low booming Lows and crystal clear highs with a warm midrange to even it all out…. from note one I knew this show would be a keeper! The Jack Straw was methodical and powerful, not too rushed (who am I kidding…. when can RatDog be accused of rushing anything these days???) and the big hit at the end of the jam was worth the ticket price right there, then it only got better…. the main thing I remember being a common thread about the musical peaks, were that they all came from left field, in songs you least expected an over the top jam to come from…. Lazy River Road was the first example fo that for me… I remember thinking, “well OK, LRR… not my fav song choice right now but I’m having a good time so what the heck”… then POW!! the ending jam was nothing short of apocalyptic! never heard that song like that in my life! WTG BOB!!… Liberty was anopther  example…. I have always loved that song for the structure, the lyrics and the message, but never thought The Dead had enough time with it to take it to where I knew it could have gone…. Bob Weir and Ratdog accomplished my dreams for that song in SPADES! Amazing, another over the top jam…. my friend next to me jokingly described it as a “poor mans Sampson & Delilah”… whatever it was , it was HUGE!……a couple other observations… the Dark Star rif out of the lyrics has been somewhat eerily tightened up…it kinda creeped another friend of mine there out the way it was so different yet so appropriate…. evolution in progress!… Dear Prudence was another epic rendition leaving all smiles all around!… the only caviat tot he whole show was the ridiculous 11:PM Curfew, forcing Bob to shorten OMSN (no guitar solo between verses) and no encore, but the show otherwise was so solid, I don’t think there were ANY complaints…..

 I’ve Seen Ratdog about 25 times now and this was EASILY top 2 for me, a close 2nd or tie for first with one of the Roseland Shows in Portland a few years back….. anyway, these boys seem to be at the top of their game!….as far as the Furthur Project is concerned, if it’s as least as good as what Ratdog laid down on Saturday in Eugene, (and all indications are that it will be) we’re in for a real treat!!

 Peter in Portland


I recall this, A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall comes to an end and I think, my God, it’s not over yet, how are they gonna top that… I got my answer in Dear Prudence. Great show, under the stars with good friends and sweet sounds! Awesome…


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