A hybrid came by and I got on! Traveling on the road to Shoreline with newfound old friends. Hot Buttered Rum is playing and were smiling and on our way… feels like goin’ home.

Shoreline. This place was built for Grateful Dead, by the late great Bill Grahm and with help by that dancin’ fool Woz. Ain’t a better, place to see the boys play! and I know it’s gonna feel fine. Shoreline is the mecca. Coming home after this tour is cause for celebration, and I know they always break out the best. The Dead at Shoreline on Mothers Day Sunday is going to a very special day.

And how about last night? The L.A.. crowd bought amazing energy, and the band met us and brought some of the best musc of the tour. Honored to have such a great show in Deadheadlands home town.
Left my mobile modem at home – can we say “Doh!” – so I am seeing how well I can do a full post from my Treo.

almost to our friends house in Palo Alto! and from there, the lot at Shoreline!

stay tuned! follow @deadheads on Twitter for the songs list in real time, and pictures and thoughts @deadheadland.