The Dead will perform this Friday and Saturday, May 1 & 2, 2009  at the Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia.  This has been one of the more frequent tour stops for the deadhead family over the years, and as such, holds a special place in the memory of many.  I spoke to many people during my recent trip to the New York area shows who sited the Philly Spectrum as one of their favorite show spots, and for many the home of their first show.

Ans, this will be the last time.  See Remembering The Spectrum for more details.  Soon, they will tear this whole building down.  In fact many have been calling a Samson closer for the 5/2 show, as they will be knocking it down soon after.   Samson and Delilah is a gospel Sunday selection, and the boys have pulled it out the last three weeks on  Sunday.  This being a Saturday show, they have another traditional song that still fits:

“Come the rockin stroke of midnite, the whole place gonna fly…”

Meanwhile – this show WILL BE SIMULCAST!

So if you have any Philly Spectrum memories, or if this is your first and last, you can join in from anywhere you- via Sirius/XM satellite radio’s The Grateful Dead Channel – and if you have not listened, you don’t know what you are missing!

Not only will they broadcast The Dead – May 2, 2009 show live from the Spectrum in Philadelphia, but they play 3 full shows a day!  They also have “Today in Grateful Dead History” with Dead Archivist David Lemiuex,  a weekly talk show “Tales from The Golden Road” with David Gans and Gary Lambert, and all of us deadheads calling in,  talking about all the places it seems like we’ve  been to before – and you can even program your own “dead set”  and be on the air announcingyour favorite songs. Plus interviews, specials, rarities.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

I love the Grateful Dead channel, have been listening solid for over a year now, and it is the best $12.95 a month I spend. Plus you don’t need a special radio right away, you can listen over the internet!

There is even a 3 day trial – so subscribe for the show on Saturday, cancel on Monday.

Believe it if you need it… or leave it if you dare!


If you do decide to try/subscribe to Sirius, please follow the links above, so that Deadheadland can get the credit for hooking you up!  You won’t regret it.  Plus Sirius/XM also has Howard Stern, NASCAR, tons of Sports, Bruce Springsteen’s channel, music of every type and most with no commercials!   Grateful Dead 24-7 Only on SIRIUS Satellite Radio

And if that wasn’t enough their is also the JAM ON channel that plays Phish, Dave Mathews, Gov’t Mule, moe., Umphreys McGeee, Disco Biscuits, ALO and more – it’s like a festival in your head!