Greetings Deadheadland, and hello from New York on a beautiful Sunday Morning!

The Live Dead Set List blogging wasn’t working last night,  the tweets from @deadheads went to followers and our Facebook page, but didn’t show up here.  I was getting lots of weird delay messages on my twitter.  But I was at the show, my first at MSG – and now I know why Phil said how much he likes this place!  Great sound, good energy, fun crazy in the middle of a bigger crazy!  As weir-d as we are, mama New York barely notices, just takes in our huddled masses…

Here is a confirmed set list I trust (see my addendum below about my Foxey Lady tweet).  From the good ol’ Berkeley Dead-Heads list:

Culled from &

The Dead (Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Warren Haynes and Jeff Chimenti) Madison Square Garden, New York NY Saturday April 24, 2009

Cosmic Charlie

China Cat Sunflower ->

Shakedown Street ->

Ship Of Fools ->

He’s Gone



Drums ->

Space ->

Cryptical Envelopment ->

The Other One ->

Born Cross-Eyed ->

St. Stephen ->

The Eleven ->

Uncle John’s Band

Unbroken Chain ->

Gimme Shelter ->

One More Saturday Night

Donor Rap

Brokedown Palace


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AND  –  I will stand bymy @deadheads call on Foxey Lady.
I heard it, others confirmed, listen for yourselves and see if you agree.  They teased it out of The Eleven, jammed, and then came back to it strong enough that I tweeted it.  The into Uncle Johns band.   So I would say:

…The Eleven >

Foxy Lady Jam >

Uncle Johns…

I also posted The Eleven a tad early, but it was based on my ear, not on me having seen a set list early, unlike others posting who were spoilers, and even made some mistakes.

good show!  Pictures and more words and videos coming!