While not news to those of us that are following along, but still making headlines in the consciousness beyond our bubble.  The Dead and Obama, The Dead and Tipper.     John Rogers writes about the political connection to the resurrection of The Dead in an AP article:

He’s still got a little work to do on the economy, but already President Barack Obama has accomplished at least one task that had appeared all but impossible just a year ago: He’s put The Dead back on the road.

In the article Rogers relate how Phil’s son brian was instrumental to the regrouping.

“My son Brian said, ‘No Daddy, you’ve got to get The Dead together because it will be so much more meaningful and important,'” the musician chuckled during a recent phone interview.

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And, in the ongoing amazment about Tipper Gore’s guest drumming, there is a short interview clip you must hear,  with Mickey Hart and Tipper on Grateful Dead Channel‘s page.