This weekend in the California desert near Indio, the Coachella ValleyMusic and Arts Festival.   It’s the biggest thing in the desert this side of Burning Man, and in fact, often has Black Rock City artisans and performers involved.  Many bands, from The Cure to Leonard Cohen, Morrisey to Paul McCartney (in his first ever festival performance!), and dozens of others, big and small. It started today.   No need to drop everything and run to the desert… becaus thanks to the ATT BLUE ROOM the festival comes to you.  Coachella becomes Couch-ella.  Order some take out rather than questionable festival food, grab a sixer at the corner store for the price of one show beer, and spark  up  your party without looking over your shoulder.  Or get all Woodstock on yourself and watch the show naked.

It is realitivley easy to click into the Blue Room and watch a festival.  Sure, they don’t show every band and sometimes they cut a set short… but if  you don’t have travel or parking hassle, no overbearing weather (heat, mud, etc.),  no obnoxious drunks except those you invite to your home for the viewing.

Many major festivals this season, Bonaroo, Wakarusa, High Sierra, Jazz Fest, Rothbury, Outisde Lands10klfAll Good Festival and more.  Not all of them have webcasts, and sometimes they announce the webcast later closer to the date, becasue of course they want to sell tickets!  Just check their sites for more information.

Along with ATT Blue Room, iClips is another site that hosts many live webcasts.

The economy is tight, but the music is flowing abundantly.  Complain all you want about high ticket prices, and how much it costs to travel… from the comfort of your own home.

Coachella is this weekend 4/17-19 and the webcast is already begun…. Sir Paul is scheduled at 10pm Pacific Daylight Time. Rock On!


While waiting for McCartney tune into the PHAKECAST of The Dead 4/17/2009 Albany.  That’s very soon… aprox. 4.30pm Eastern time!