I love the modern technology and the way it all connects us.  The conciousness we all share is enhanced by the flow of info.  Deadheadland worked with two Brian’s yesterday, and we all know two brian’s are better than one!  (straight up song  tweets, no chaser @deadheads )

PHAKECAST: The DC song tweets were fast sweet, and our netjockey rode the tube and derived some great sets.  A surprise Passenger by Cubensis made the list, Southern California’s longest continual Grateful Dead tribute, and the only tribute band with the Jerry Garcia’s personal seal of approval!  Special appearances abounded on the Phakecast including Brent, Pigpen, Kieth, Donna, Jerry, Jackie Greene, Mark Karan, John Molo and more.  We even had Neil Diamond in the mini middle set!  Not sure if it was the right song, but the title matched!  Want to  watch the Phakecasts again? Or share them with a friend? You can always go back and watch them again and again! Really fun playlists.  🙂


In the real show, heard reports of Wavy Gravy being onstage.  And Tipper Gore played drums, and took a bow with the band.  This has been confirmed by @postrock who is seemingly the official rock tweeter for The Washington Post (is a tweet a real journalistic source?  I am sourcing from tweets to get my facts folks! It’s ok, this is not serious journalism, this is deadheadland dammit!)

Of most importance, the show was spectacular in terms of songs!  Unlike any setlist ever….

Washington 4/14/09

(set 1)
Pride Of Cucamonga
Easy Wind (Warren vocals)
Lazy River Road
Alabama Getaway (Warren vocals)
Big Railroad Blue

(set 2)
Peggy-O (acoustic)
Glory Road (acoustic)
A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (acoustic)
Dark Star>
King Solomon’s Marbles>
Come Together>
Dark Star>
Sugar Magnolia (Tipper Gore percussion)

Uncle John’s Band>

Download the soundboards from the Dead – 4/14/2009 The Dead In DC Official Download

Audience recordings here: The Dead LMA

Not sure why I am not seeing many recordings turn up on eTree.  Is there a new policy I didn’t hear about?

Did you go last night? If you have pictures we can post, please share,  and if you want to write a review, I would love to publish YOU!


Oh yeah, OBAMA!  The Dead had a private meet with the man. And the staff even had some scarlet begonias in a vase outside the Oval Office.  Wow!  Read about it here: 
Scarlet Begonias in The White House

We sure live in new times.  I remember an Irvine show traffic jam in 89 caused by a Bush Sr. visit to El Toro Airbase…. and then later some copters buzzing the hill during the show, I always thought it was George trying to kill our buzz, and looking at those damn hippies.  Maybe it wasn’t him in the whirly’s – i do have an active imagination… but still…. he never woulda had a private with Jerry.