Phil Lesh and Bob Weir of The Dead tryout for American Idol

Phil Lesh and Bob Weir of The Dead                      tryout for American Idol

Deadheads everywhere shocked as their “counter culture” icons pander to the reality TV judges in hopes of finally being accepted by a greater mainstream audience.  “After the response we got for our appearance on The View,” said Bob Weir, singer and long time Grateful Dead guitarist,  “we realized that we have been playing to the same people for too long, and we think that this is a good way for us to get a wider audience.”

“Deadheads love everything we do, so we felt we needed a more critical ear…” chimed in Phil Lesh, bass player for The Dead.  In recent years Phil has taken on the lead vocals in several songs such as Terrapin Station and Dark Star, which had previously performed by the late Jerry Garcia who passed away in 1995.

“Reality has always been a concept we have explored the edges of, so when we heard there was something called Reality TV we had to get involved” according to Mickey Hart, one of two drummers in the band. “This show is about American music, and that is something I also care very deeply about.”  Hart is also a well know music archivist and has done much work with the Smithsonian. American Idol judge Randy Jackson is a longtime Deadhead.

American Idol judge Randy Jackson is a             longtime Deadhead.Randy Jackson was very excited to see “The Boys” as he referred to them, in the familiar tone of a long time follower of the band, known affectionately as a Deadhead. “I go way back… i played with them at an Aids benefit in Oakland in the 80’s, but even before that, Journey even played with them somewhere.  This really was a great treat for me, especially after having my Shoreline Dead ticket mail order returned…”

Simon Cowell’s reaction was the biggest surprise.  “Really, not as terrible as I would have expected.  I rather enjoyed parts, although they did go on and on.  And what was that sound Mr. Weir was making all about? It sounded like a cat with a hairball problem. ”

Paula Abdul was tapping her toes, and rocking out.  She ordered two more drinks, and then after the show was seen slurring to Weir something about going on tour.