BOWIE TRIBUTE: Stu Allen and Friends tribute David Bowie on his 70th birthday

On a very stormy Sunday night, these Terrapin All Stars, led by Stu Allen, performed a two set tribute to the late David Bowie, remebering the great rock star on his 70th birthday. David Bowie did one year ago today, 2 days after his 69th, and the release of his album BlackStar.

While there was little direct crossover between David Bowie and Deadheadland and the world of jam band music, it turns out the fans of the Grateful Dead really had a great appreciation for his music. The tribute at Terrapin Crossroads was not trying to be a reproduction, yet everyone was commenting how much Stu captured the essence of Bowie’s voice. Of course Stu’s guitar work nailed it, and the rest of the band were right on top of the sound.

Deadhead land captured video of the 2nd set, enjoy!

January 8, 2017
David Bowie Birthday
Stu Allen – guitar, vocals (Stu Allen and Mars Hotel, Phil Lesh and Friends)
Scott Guberman – keyboards vocals (Terrapin Family Band)
Brian Rashap – bass guitar, vocals (Lazyman)
Danny Leuhring – drums, vocals (San Geronimo)
All these guys are Terrapin All Stars and have been in Phil Lesh and Friends at one point!

Set 1 included: Heroes, Young Americans, Starman

Set 2 (videos)
Let’s Dance
Rebel Rebel
Changes (sg)
Modern Love
Space Oddity
Band Intros
Suffragette City

Compare versions of  “Cold Rain and Snow” (~);} What’s your favorite? 

Compare versions of  “Cold Rain and Snow” (~);} What’s your favorite? 

Dead and Company (feat. John Mayer)
“Cold Rain and Snow”

Grateful Dead
“Cold Rain and Snow”

Phil Lesh and Friends
“Cold Rain and Snow”
Featuring Trey Anastasio

Featuring Warren Haynes and Jimmy Herring

Featuring Bob Weir and Terrapin Family Band

Featuring Stu Allen and Scott Guberman

“Cold Rain and Snow”

Dark Star Orchestra
“Cold Rain and Snow”

VIDEO ???? “Cities” Stu Allen, Dan Lebo Lebowitz, Brian Rashap, Danny Luehring, Terrapin All Stars Brunch 

San Rafael, California:
Today at Terrapin Crossroads, during brunch,we were treated to a fun cover of The Talking Heads song “Cities“, featuring Stu Allen (Stu Allen and Mars Hotel) on guitar and vocals, Dan Lebo Lebowitz (ALO, Doobie Decibel System) on guitar, Brian Rashap (Lazyman) on bass, Danny Luehring (San Geronimo) on drums. All these guys are Terrapin All Stars!

Here is another song from brunch, “Picture of You” by Lebo.

MTV INTERVIEW: 1983 June 2nd – Jerry Garcia – Complete Interview – MTV Studios, NY

From the Lolo Yodel Channel.

Apparently, this was recorded between the GD’s 05-15-1983 Greek Theater show and the upcoming 06-18-1983 show at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY.

00:41 : … TV preparations & chat, “Twilight Zone” …
01:24 : interview officialy starts
01:46 : difference b/w the GD and your solo JGB groups …
… differences b/w electric and acoustic guitars
05:38 : “my solo career started …” “… I would get horny to play …” !
07:00 : the GD “culture …?” (difference b/w licorice and buttermilk …)
10:40 : back to the 1950’s, initial guitar inspirations …
13:23 : moving up in time .. how did you meet ? (the Warlocks, GD …)
13:30 : “when I met Phil, he was a lunatic classical composer …”
16:08 : Pig Pen …
17:19 : The GD on vinyl …”difference between building a ship in the bottle and being on a row boat on the ocean” !
The GD experience, concerts, composing, improvising, new record, a video, the 80’s counter-culture …
(26:43 : slight cut)
27:24 : end of the “official” interview
27:26 : off-record … Jerry ! post-interview chat … (cut)
30:03 : end …