Take a chance & roll the dice on this rock & roll road novel and hitch a ride with Jack Morrison AKA the Jack of Hearts, and his Mexican sidekick, the one-armed small change bandit, as they road trip through the American Southwest. From the casinos of Las Vegas to the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, the saga careens through the violent world of organized crime, sinks into the seedy sleazy world of virtual sex, and makes an offbeat detour into the psychedelic mayhem of the Deadhead universe. With flashbacks to Vietnam, a lurid tale of sex, drugs, murder, and rock and roll, goes down late 20th Century style, as a Vietnam veteran long-on-the-lam, his pal, and his pal's tag-along jailbait girlfriend--the precocious Sugar-Spun Sister--get more than they bargain for when a routine game of blackjack becomes a bloodbath. Jack is forced to play hero, only to have his past sneak up on him in a bad, bad way, and bring their world crashing down.