DHL Summer Fun Drive 2012!!!

DHL - it takes all we got just to stay on the beat!

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It takes all we got just to stay on the beat…

The magical kingdom of DeadHeadLand (DHL) is run by happycat!  >^.^< ,

gratefully covering the Dead Head scene (and beyond) for many years now.

We hope you enjoy the rides!

Has DeadHeadLand raised your level of fun?

 If so, consider a contributuon to our SUMMER FUN DRIVE!DHL - it takes all we got just to stay on the beat!

Help on the way!

DeadHeadLand runs on love & good vibes!
DHL also  needs servers and electricity to keep going. 
And we have to feed the ride operator, happycat!

DHL needs miracles everyday.

Any contributuon is apprecieted!
And there are some super THANK you gifts for your contirbutions!

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You can also mail something to us at:
PO Box 445
Mill Valley, California 94942

Interested in t-shirts or other groovy stuffs?
Shop at our online store:



  1. Dead guy says:

    So I wont have $ for this until next fri(3-9) but I am def goin to get the 2x tye dye mens…if u get a huge response n start running low can u let me kno thanks buddy

    1. Duramatters MarkoVision says:

      it’s in pre-order status right now – until 3/12. So you ought to be fine. By doing a pre-order, i can be certain to get the correct sizes for everyone.

  2. Carl Swartz says:

    I have to much stuff already….but I wanted to give you a donation…..the donation link does not work……

    1. thanks, working on fixing it!!

      1. Carl Swartz says:

        Worked this time…..keep up the good work……someone has to do it.

  3. Hey i just got the basic membership but it is about all i can afford right now, more to come hopefully soon. i just love everything you have to bring and all that you do and all of the beauty you continue to spread. that is my kind of deadhead :)
    Lotsa love and light

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