I can’t begin to express how happy I am to share this news…  Obama has granted a commutation of Deadhead Tim Tyler’s life without parole sentence, for intent to distribute LSD, which instead will now expire in 2 years, on August 30th 2018.  

According to justice.gov/:

Timothy L. Tyler – St. Petersburg, FL
Offense: Possession with intent to deliver LSD; conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute LSD; Middle District of Florida
Sentence: Life imprisonment (July 19, 1994)

Commutation Grant: Prison sentence commuted to expire on August 30, 2018, conditioned upon enrollment in residential drug treatment.

Tim’s sister Carrie never gave up fighting for her brother’s freedom, and used social media to get the word out.

 This is the tweet we’ve all been waiting for…

Tim was subject to unfair sentencing, because of mandatory minimum sentences applied to LSD charges, and having had previous “strikes”. 

Regardless of the details of the case,  Tim’s sentence was clearly far worse than he deserved.  Tim has demonstrated that he is a gentle peaceful person, and not a menace to society.  After almost 25 years, Tim Tyler will be a free man.

He still had 2 years, and must go through a drug program, but there’s a light at the end of his tunnel, and the light is growing brighter now. 

It’s hard to imagine what Tim must be feeling now, but all of Deadheadland is overjoyed for this news. I’m sure his sister Carrie is too! 

So grateful. 

There are a lot of us that want to give you a big hug Tim.  I look forward to seeing you at a show too… Dead and Company, Phil and Friends, JRAD?  Your pick brother, miracle ticket on me! 

For more on the story 

FreeTimTyler.com (photos below from this page)