Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Seder All Stars
Second Seder
4.27.2016 (full playlist)

On Wednesday April 27, 2016, the #terrapinnation celebrated the the Jewish holiday of Passover with a second seder, another unique night of dining, relaxing, and dancing in the Grate room, terrapin-style. (details on the 1st Seder here).  This was the 3rd year in a row that Phil Lesh and Terrapin Crossroads have hosted a Seder, and the first time that there were two nights. As in past years, demand was high, and the tickets sold out quickly when offered.wp-1461942892530.jpg

First, guests shared a traditional Passover Seder dinner at banquet tables set up in the Grate Room – including a Seder service conducted by Wendy Garf-Lipp (mother of Terrapin All Star drummer Ezra Lipp) and the Terrapin Seder Committee, Cheryl Provost, Jeannette Ferber Brian “Happycat” Markovitz, and Terrapin’s own Ross James. Wendy took the Terrapin Nation Passover Haggaddah that the Seder Committee had prepared two years ago, and took it to a new level with additional readings, and custom Grateful Dead inspired illustrations. The 150 guests involved all received their own copies, and Terrapin Crossroads will eventually share a PDF version with the public. Many of the guests also participated with readings from the Haggadah during the Seder.

The Seder contained all of the Passover traditional symbols, stories, and blessings, but with a few deadhead and modern twists thrown in to the mix. Passover marks and celebrates and reminds us all of the history of Jewish people being released from slavery many years ago (the Exodus/Moses stories), but we discussed the atrocity of  modern slavery (human trafficking) and the oppression of abuse against women, and violations of human rights including the LGBT community, reminding ourselves that since many on our planet still suffer these plights, none of use are fully free.

We lit candles, hid the Afikomen (a piece of matzoh reserved for dessert)  read the stories in the Haggadah with Wendy, Ross and others, sang songs and prayers led by Jeannette, Cheryl, drwp-1461942892566.jpgank the traditional 4 cups of wine with blessings led by Happycat, and, heard the story of Passover as read by Phil Lesh himself.  We ate bitter herbs, and dipped greens and eggs in salt water, and we broke and blessed the matzoh, and then began our meal.  Yummy brisket, fingerling potatoes, and quinoa with veggies.  Eventually a youngster found the hidden Afikomen and, as tradition requires, traded it to Phil Lesh (the head of the house!) for a TxR tochtke of their choice. We enjoyed the Afikomen (and some macaroons!) for dessert, and concluded our Seder with more wine and songs from the Haggadah.

After the meal, the tables were cleared away and the guests enjoyed a special show from Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Seder All Stars! Several of the songs had lyrics or themes that connected to the Passover celebration, and a few were creatively adapted to the night. See if you can find the connections in the setlist and videos below!

Phil Lesh bass vocals
Grahame Lesh guitar vocals
Ross MF James guitar vocals
Scott Guberman keyboards vocals
Jeanette Ferber vocals vocals
Ezra Lipp drums vocals

New Minglewood Blues rmfj
Big Boss Man sg jf
Greatest Story Ever Told gl
Stop That Train rj jf
Man Smart, Woman Smarter sg jf
Ain’t No Bread In The Breadbox el
River Deep, Mountain High jf
Unbroken Chain pl >
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad all

Donor Rap PL

Encore: Box OF Rain pl

Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Seder All Stars
Second Seder
4.27.2016 (individual videos)

Nu Minglewood

Big Boss Man

Greatest Story

Stop That Train

Man Smart, Woman Smarter


River Deep Mountain High

Unbroken Chain > GDTRFB

Donor Rap

Box Of Rain