Bob Weir, Michael Franti, Sammy Hagar, #RockTheSun
San Francisco, California
Sunday January 24, 2016


Bob Weir, Michael Franti, and Sammy Hagar,
played a brief set at the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco today, to support solar power and the rights of individuals to choose solar, and to have solar panels on their rooftops.


The crowd assembled early, about 150-200 people,  in the hotel courtyard with a small stage.  Representatives from Solar City and Vote Solar, and environmental activist Leilani Munter spoke briefly, and then introduced the musicians.


Weir, Franti and Hagar were joined by J Bowman, and played a brief (amplified) acoustic set, and then led the crowd on a short march out of the hotel, and up the street to the steps of the California Energy Utilities Commission,unplugged and singing the refrain “…Here Comes the Sun…”

You can watch it here:

Bob Weir, Michael Franti, Sammy Hagar
Rock The Sun
Phoenix Hotel San Francisco, California Sunday January 24, 2016 3pm

Sound of Sunshine – Michael Franti
Loose Lucy –  Bob Weir and Sammy Hagar
Still Standing – Michael Franti
Here Comes the Sun – all
> refrain, unplugged while marching w audience to Utilities bldg steps 

(Hey Hey) I Love You – Michael Franti & J Bowman (on steps while Weir and Hagar were whisked away)

Learn more about how you can support the expansion of solar access at:

Here are some of my pictures from  the  afternoon: