(so funny we had to share! No offense intended! very well done!)


Backstage, there was a huge fuckin’ pile of money.

Phil Leah was like “Lookit all this fuckin’ mon-aaaay!”

And Bobby Weir was like “Ayyyyyyyy!”

And the drummers were like “Mon-aaay!”

And a guy named Shappy was like “I’ve transcended this plane of existence. I am now pure energy. Crown me, for I am your king!”

And Phil was “Who dosed Shappy? Not cool, guys.”

“Band meeting!”

And Bob Weir was like “Gentlemen, I have a proposal; let’s go on tour and make a fuck ton of money! We owe it to the fans!”

But Phil Lesh was like “Nawwww.”

And Bob Weir was like “Wait. What?”

And Phil was like “I said nawwwwww.”

So the band was like “Fine, Phil Lesh! Fine! We’ll go on tour without you. We don’t need you, Phil Lesh!”

And Phil Was like “That’s cool, guys. I’m just not interested in touring anymore. Good luck!”

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The Totally True Story of Dead and Company

The Totally True Story Of Dead & Company