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It’s an exciting time to be here, what with all the fun from the GD50 shows, continuing amazing music flowing out of Terrapin Crossroads, and the upcoming  Dead & Company tour > New Years!

And all the festivals this summer, High Sierra to Gathering of the Vibes, to Lockn’ and Hangtown Halloween… DHL brings it all to you!

A silly little joke, made in the parking lot of a Jerry Garcia Band show back in 1990, has become something wonderful. Thanks to you all who check in everyday, who follow on Facebook and Twitter. DHL is here for you!

You may notice  a change in the look of this website.  Hopefully it’s friendlier, and in the weeks to come, you will find it easier to navigate – on any device.  wpid-wp-1436025321535.jpeg

SO… has Deadheadland raised your LEVEL OF FUN?  I hope so, because that is my intent.  I have fun running it, and I am thrilled so many people enjoy it.

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