Great story… a young head (who has never even been to a Dead show!) found something of Billy’s and returns it, so kind… here is the story in his words:

WHAT ARE THE ODDS!?!? Last night, I got off at my train stop at Mariposa station & noticed a box ripped open & papers scattered everywhere. At first I didn’t think anything of it & continued walking. Then, in the corner of my eye, I noticed the Grateful Dead’s Steal Your Face logo on the papers. I was like, “Oh, that’s cool. I wonder what this is?” So, I picked one up & noticed GD drummer Bill Kreutzmann’s name on them & they were all signed, hundreds if not thousands of these things. At first, I was like, “this can’t be real! Signed book covers / posters for the 50th Anniversary of the GD?”

So I took a few back to my apartment to investigate further & made sure the signature was valid. Indeed it was! I knew that the box & papers would eventually be thrown away in the morning by maintenance, so I went back to the train stop in my pajamas & gathered all of these papers up & put them back in the box. Then, I noticed “William Kreutzman – URGENT” on a FedEx sticker on the box. At that point, I knew something was going on. So I carried this heavy box back to my apartment with all of these autographed covers of an unreleased book!

I came back to my place & got on Billy’s website. I found his manager’s contact info & sent him an e-mail & this photo. He got back to me this morning saying that this box indeed was either stolen or lost & they had been trying to track it down!

What are the odds that I am a big Dead fan and I know Reed Mathis who is touring with Billy’s band! “Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

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