and more envelopes by deadheads! (5)

Over the last few weeks, many Deadheads have gotten rejection letters and returned money orders from GDTSTOO the Grateful Dead mail order ticket service handling the fan mail requests for the “Fare Thee Well – Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead” concerts in Chicago, July 3-5 20015. DHL has done it’s best to help keep spirits high, and not dwell on the unfortunate rejections…

Good News is now forthcoming! IN FACT IT IS GRATE NEWS!!!
Many people have received the following email from GDTSTOO:

Today at XX:XX XM
Congratulations! Your order or at least one of your orders will be filled for the Grateful Dead 50th Reunion performances at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on July 3, 4, 5, 2015. Your commemorative tickets will arrive in June. Please hold all emails. Check for the latest updates. We hope to see you at the shows!
The Crew of GDTS TOO
February 2015
“The sky was yellow and the sun was blue”
Robert Hunter


If you have not gotten a rejection, look for an email in the next day or so… hope your dreams come true!

Regular online sales and VIP packages are going on sale on 2/28/2015. All details at: