TXR 20140114 AJBAND - stuart kevine photography (4)
January 14, 2014

TXR 20140114 AJBAND - stuart kevine photography (7)

American Jubilee and Friends
Terrapin Crossroads – Bar Show
San Rafael, California



Don’t Drive The Train Off The Track (BL)*

Reed Mathis

Reed Mathis

Tumbling Dice (GL)+
San Francisco Rain (GL)
California Sky (RJ)
Detroit Turnaround (RJ)
John C (AK)**
St. Peter (BL )*
?  (AK)
Big River (BL)^
See You Again (SP)
Down By The River (Greg Loiacono)#

Greg Loiacono

Greg Loiacono

Away From Me  (CMAC)
I Second That Emotion (RM)%
Brokedown Palace (RM )% (with Phil)
Cassidy (RJ) (with Phil)
I Know You Rider (PL, BL) (with Phil)#**

* with Jason Crosby on Violin
** with Jason Crosby on Keys
+ with Grahame Lesh on Acoustic Guitars and Vocals
^Reed Mathis (from Tea Leaf Green) on Bass
# with Greg Loicono (from The Mother Hips)
% with Ryan McCaffrey (from Go By Ocean)

Setlist help by John Provost
Photos by Stuart Levine Photography