One week from tonight, if the HRH Mexico WiFi gods are willin’ – I’ll be posting setlists from the first of 4 nights at Furthur Paradise Waits… and from the last 4 Furthur shows for awhile…

DHL has gratefully been there since their first very first note Furthur played in 2009 (thank you to my friend Melissa for getting me a ticket!), and one way or another DHL has been able to share each and every song they have ever played with all of you in the DHL social network.

I’m not sure there were even 1000 people on our Facebook page in Sept. 2009, and now it is 58,615 of you! And another 12,000 on Twitter! DHL has texted and tweeted (and more recently,  Instagramed) almost everything Furthur has ever played… and we’ll do it in Mexico too! Paradise Waits!

Looking forward to celebrating with everyone that is making it to Cancun. Let there be songs, to fill the air! 

From the beginning… Furthurs first jam…

2014-01-13 21.00.26-1