2013-12-29 22.11.39-11“One of the most deeply moving nights of music I have ever seen…”
– Bob Scalcione,

Anders Osborne – Acoustic
Sun. Dec. 29, 2013
The Grate Room
Terrapin Crossroads
San Rafael, CA

Anders Osborne – guitar, vocals
Tony Leone – mandolin

9:30pm – 11:40pm

Five Bullets
Sentimental Times
Dream Girl
Sarah Anne
I’m Ready
My Son
Black Tar
Me & Lola
Three Free Amigos >
Friend of the Devil
Echoes of My Sins
Stuck On My Baby
Louisiana Gold
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Oh Katrina
Stoned Drunk and Naked

E: Sugaree
Coming Down

Set list compiled by Rob Scalcione & thanks to Liz
Because the Phans want to know!