At the outset of this year, Amana Mission published Gyroscape: a year of the lyrical life, including verses written primarily for jam band musician and songwriter John Kadlecik. Launched from a mythic vision, combining various pantheons in a jammin’ mobius Band, Gyroscape explores the space between meaning from a vantage where motion, not matter, matters.

RiRfront-199x300Riverflow returns with Rhapsody In Retrograde: Lyrical Loops in Verse, quirky reflections on perspective, glitches,

The pre-order party is at Indiegogo:Rhapsody in Retrograde hits the presses New Year’s Day, but you can be a part of the launch of this unique publication 

with Rhapsody In Retrograde: Lyrical Loops in Verse

and be first in line for the limited run of signed and numbered editions and other ways to say thank you for the jet fuel.and paradox spun from a state of perpetual puzzlement over the ineffable strangeness of being. Indi’s vision is a heady novel tea, steeped in wry irony and inflected insight. These lyric verses, forged in the electric undercurrents of consciousness, are alchemically distilled formulations guaranteed to expand your mind, exalt your spirit, and periodically misdirect beverages through your nasal cavity.

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