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Private Party
Sam and Ben’s Birthday Bash
Terrapin Crossroads2013-04-08 12.56.37-1
San Rafael, California

Terrapin Family Band
Grahame Lesh
Brian Lesh
Alex Kosford
Ross James
Phil Lesh

Scarlet  Begonias ak
Brown Eyed Women  gl
Let It Ride pl
Senor bl
San Francisco Rain gl
Viola Lee Blues >  all
Friend of the Devil  > pl
Viola Lee Blues 
White Freightliner > rj bl
Viola Lee Blues 
Big River gl bl rj
Sugar Magnolia  ak
El Paso rj
Henry rj
Happy Birthday  (led by Phil, whole audience and band sung)
Franklins Tower


(show was invite only, approx. 200 people were there)

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