1-20130213_224920Busy day for Bob Weir and Lukas Nelson!

Watching the TRI stream from the Sweetwater Cafe

Watching the TRI stream from the Sweetwater Cafe

First they both performed at Bob’s fairly regular Wednesday afternoon webcast from TRI Studios, Weir Here, along with Jay Lane, Robin Sylvester, Jerry Harrison and Sammy Hagar. That was a fun show, a personal highlight for me was watching Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads singing “Life During Wartime” – (back in the 70’s I was a THeads Head before I was a Deadhead!) I watched the stream inside the Sweetwater Café, while having a pre-show dinner before the Lukas Nelson show. Weirdly they did not have the TRI stream playing in the bar, But they did have WiFi, so I watched it on my laptop.

Later that evening, Lukas Nelson played a great first set! I didn’t know all the songs, but a couple standouts were a version of “Something > My Sweet Lord” (George Harrison) and then he also did the Ray Charles tune “Georgia On My Mind”, which his dad, Willie Nelson is known for. Lukas is a great voice, reminiscent of his fathers, and has a very fun easy stage presence. He joked about “I’m going to be more professional someday… just kidding” – and he laughed easily. He even had a few “Weir” moments forgetting the next verse of a song, and it was as funny to him as to us! Go see this guy, he is really a great singer, songwriter and performer.

After a longish break, Lukas comes out and does about 3 more songs, then is joined by Bob Weir for the remainder of the set. It was a super fun show to begin with, and Bobby came in and delivered the extra kick. Nice song selection with Weir, the only weakness I felt was a rough start to “Hey Jude”. The crowd DEMANDED two encores with stomping and hollering. Super fun night!

handwritten setlist for Lukas Nelson and Bob Weir

they did not do Maggie’s Farm

Lukas Nelson
Sweetwater Music Hall
Mill Valley, California
February 13, 2013
2nd set (partial) with Bob Weir:

Gathering Flowers for the Masters Bouquet
Amazing Grace
Loose Lucy (BW)
Althea (LN)
Dear Prudence (BW)
Hey Jude >
Can’t You See (chorus) >
Hey Jude (refrain)
I Shall Be Released >
Standing on Shaky Ground
Encore 1: Ripple (Weir)
Encore 2: Wasted (Lukas)