Furthur – Summer Tour 2012 – 1st night of tour
McCoy Stadium
Pawtucket, Rhode Island,
July 5, 2012

1st set:

Dancin’ In the Streets >
Shakedown Street >
Jack Straw
Let It Ride (Ryan Adams song, first time played by Furthur) >
Black Throated Wind
Reuben and Cherise >
The Last Time
Casey Jones

2nd set
Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
That’s It For The Other One
Cryptical Envelopment >
Quodlibet for Tenderfeet >
The Faster We Go The Rounder We Get: aka part 2 (The Other One) >
We Leave the Castle (Cryptical verse 2) >
Dear Mr. Fantasy >
Playing In the Band >
Standing On the Moon >
Hey Pocky Way
Sugar Magnolia

Donor Rap – Phil Lesh

Liberty >
Uncle John’s Band

thank you for all the set help and pictures!   @JRAphoto @mzorny   @WorkingonStep2  @stannenb  #furthur

Jack Straw

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