FURTHUR is: Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Jeff Chimenti, John Kadlecik, Jeff Pehrson, Joe Russo, Sunshine Garcia Becker

Furthur Spring Tour 2012
April 5 Wang Theatre BostonMA http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120405
April 6 Wang Theatre Boston MA http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120406
April 7 Oakdale Theatre Wallingford CT http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120407

The Beacon Theatre run New York City:
April 9 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120409
April 10 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120410
April 12 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120412
April 13 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120413
April 14 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120414
April 15 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120415
April 17 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120417
April 18 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120418

Wanee music Festival
April 20 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120420
April 21 http://www.deadheadland.com/furthur20120421

Fascinating Furthur Spring Tour Song Statistics from THE BARN PRESENTS

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Audience recordings via bit torrent here: Furthur on etree.org

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